Author Coaching

This is not just your book, it is your legacy atop pages.

13th & Joan’s Premiere Author Coaching Service was curated to serve as a catalyst for your book’s success.

Open Mike by Mike Hill

Designated Publishing Project Manager

From the moment that your contract is signed, a 13th & Joan Project Manager will be designated to your project to ensure that every detail of the publishing process is mapped out according to your goals as an author. Your Project Manager will schedule an Activation Call to establish initial timelines and consult with you about your deliverables such as your book cover design and your custom interior. 

Personal Author Coach

After completion of your Activation Call, your project will be assigned to your personal Author Coach for the remainder of your publishing journey. On a monthly basis, your Author Coach will host support calls to revisit your strategy and timeline, access your writing progress and provide critical feedback, make necessary adjustments to your overall publishing plan, answer any questions that you may have and to inspire you to keep going!

Sales & Marketing Strategy

The launch of your book is just as important as the manuscript itself. Your Author Coach will collaborate with you to craft an individualized sales and marketing plan that is inclusive of your goals as an author. Whether you desire to make money, gaine freedom or launch a career as a full time writer, we will provide you with the tools and resources to get you there.

Online Access to The Author’s Masterclass

13th & Joan Publishing House has customized a virtual experience curated exclusively for our authors. With a series of learning modules and tutorials, you will be empowered to write and publish your book, while simultaneously curating your brand. 

Cultural & Digital Influencer

Michell C. Clark

As a first time author I was extremely diligent about ensuring that everyone I worked with for my book process was qualified and trustworthy. After researching Ardre and 13th & Joan Publishing House, I felt confident in signing on to work with her. She’s proven to be incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and well intentioned.


Just Publishing

Your story has the power to transform the world.

Designated Publishing Project Manager

We recognize that one of the most exciting moments in your publishing journey is witnessing the book of your dreams come to life. From the creation of the cover concept to the details found on the pages of your book, your assigned 13th & Joan Publishing House Project Manager will leave no stone unturned when collaborating with you to create a book that you can be proud of for years to come.  Our award-winning editors, and graphic designers will use their talents to deliver a custom masterpiece to you.

Custom Cover Design

Your book’s cover is an extension of your brand. Not only should your cover create curiosity, but also excitement for your readers. You will begin the process of your custom cover design by completing our questionnaire to  provide our graphic designers with a specific artistic direction from which to create your cover concepts.  Our designers will create a front and back cover concept for your review. Upon review, our team will note requested changes and updates and finalize your deliverables.  

After we have finalized your front and back cover designs as well as the book’s interior, our designers will complete the spine in alignment with printer’s specifications. We will finalize this process by adding all other necessary elements for your book’s professional finished product.

Editing Service

To ensure the best presentation for your readers, your manuscript will undergo two rounds of edits. After your Project Manager assigns your completed manuscript to a member of our editorial team, your manuscript will undergo a basic edit.  The edited manuscript will be submitted back to you with notes and recommended changes to ensure maximum quality of your content.  After the completion of the first round of revisions, your editor will engage a second round of edits and revisions prior to preparing the manuscript for publication.

Custom Interior Layout Design

Your front cover is not the only part of what your readers will see.  A custom interior allows your book to make a statement in an otherwise crowded marketplace.   During your collaborative design consultation, your Project Manager will assist you to complete a questionnaire about your design preferences and then assign your project to a member of our award-winning graphics design team members. After review of your desires, a sample chapter will be submitted for your approval. Once we know that you are happy with the direction of your book, a full electronic sample will be customized for you.

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