Broccoli Hair Cover

Kids’ Book

Broccoli Hair

Kristen Scott

The story of a little girl and self-love. Waking up in all her glory. Wearing her crown of hair with pride and affirming her self-worth.

Kristen Scott is an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Graduating with honors from Louisiana State University, she excelled in her career as a Pharmaceutical Representative before becoming an author. After marrying her husband, the couple had a beautiful daughter, Kenzi, who became Broccoli Hair’s inspiration.

Let's Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It Last

Marriage & Love

Let's Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It Last

Dr. Adrian N. Carter

What do men want when it comes to love, marriage, and family?

While the answer to this question is often skewed to something more dubious, they want the same things as women. Men want to feel loved, cherished, and supported to name a few. However, the social construct of gender roles is overwhelmingly incongruent and saturated with relationship-ending conflict brought on by mounting expectations to meet unattainable standards. Many men struggle in relationships as they are challenged to meet the standards of a world that has already prescribed what manhood and masculinity ought to be.

This book aims to undo many of the misleading concepts used to historically prop up patriarchal beliefs by addressing the roles of religion, economics, politics, socialization, and the intrapersonal development of men and women. These social constructs play an important role in hampering the emotional and spiritual growth of men as husbands, fathers, and leaders. Using snapshots from my personal story of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood, this book is a heart-to-heart discussion about loving, leading, conflict resolution, and uprooting the miseducation of men and masculinity to help you prepare to get married and make it last.



My Fashion Fairytale

Nichole Lynel

My Fashion Fairytale is a culmination of the three words that best describe Nichole Lynel, beautiful, humble and edgy. The pages of the book are filled with a sincere truth that encourages us to be brave and to take risks when in pursuit of our dreams. – Monique Rodriguez, Mielle Organics|CEO

An insanely intimate, transparent, and inspiring memoir by fashion’s multi-faceted innovator Nichole Lynel.

In a world filled with superficiality, and societal imposed standards of beauty, Nichole Lynel has emerged as one of the most compelling influencers of our era.

As the curator of her signature fashion house Nichole Lynel, Forbes named million dollar mogul crafted a lane of her own in the industry that served to inspire and empower women to redefine the term pretty, while also solidifying herself as a prolific advocate for women and girls to walk in both purpose and power. 

The pages of her memoir My Fashion Fairytale a work of humbling transparency and awe-inspiring storytelling, reveal unshakeable triumph amidst trauma growing up in Los Angeles, as a childhood runaway, amidst chronic abuse, a quest to discover love overshadowed by abandonment, the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with unthinkable loss and an unprecedented leap of faith to build business against all odds.



Open Mike

Mike Hill

Mike has boldly expressed the sentiments of many men who often cry in the dark or remain silent about the internal traumas that manifest externally. He shows that honesty is truly the best medicine. – Michael Strahan, American TV Host

Who is Mike Hill? For 49 years, he attempted to answer the question, to no avail.  Hill was known to the world as the polished, versatile talent with multi-decade broadcast experience.  After joining ESPN in 2004, Hill made a name for himself at the network, beginning at the highlight desk for ESPN News and later transitioning to some of the carrier’s highest-priority programming, appearing as a host on SportsCenter, NFL Live, Baseball Tonight and NBA Tonight among others. In August of 2013, Hill joined FOX Sports. The embodiment of professionalism, Hill appeared to be living the American Dream; however, his private, internal struggles were taking a toll on his ability to live and to love.

Eventually, the mounting trauma resulting from childhood memories of witnessing his mother victimized by domestic violence, a lack of proper male tutelage, discovering that his stepfather was a murder for hire, and the demise of two marriages,  forced Hill to his breaking point.  Amidst a silent cry for help and a quest to heal from within, forced him to pick up his pen to chronicle the most prolific moments of his life.

Bathtime With Rai

Children’s Book

Bathtime with Rai

Marcus Smith II

NFL Veteran and Author Marcus Smith II
celebrates the hope, dreams, and unprecedented love that parents have for their children with his first literary offering, Bathtime with Rai.

From nostalgic moments to laughs and giggles, Bathtime with Rai delightfully chronicles all the exchanges of love amidst a favorite nighttime ritual.

Each page and sentiment, captured through heartfelt illustrations, make this book an instant classic for generations to come.


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Stevie Baggs

Do yourselves a favor and read Stevie’s latest book. As usual, he delivers huge value to entrepreneurs looking  to be inspired to live their best life, connected to their purpose, their faith, their families, and their communities. – Jared Turner, Young Living|CEO

Woke has evolved as the new era call for consciousness, inspiring innovation and engagement of a community of thinkers and doers. 

Combining wisdom, wonder and self-discovery, Stevie Baggs Jr. calls us to action to embark upon an enlightening journey that teaches us to question the world around us and to be guided by principles of logic and reason. 

Filled with essential wisdom that leads us to listen to our hearts, and to fill our souls with knowledge to relentlessly follow our dreams and ultimately inspire the world.


Personal Growth

Relaxed Power

Tangela Johnson

Tangela Johnson is a Seer and a Truth Teller. She’s not on this planet to make you comfortable; she’s here to help you see who you’re meant to be and strip away the limiting beliefs that keep you ‘less than’ your fullest expression and potential. Consider this book her Intervention, a gift to you in love. – Stefanie Crowe, Entrepreneur and Wealth Strategist

Relaxed Power serves as your tour guide through life’s cyclical patterns, and teaches you to recognize spiritual principles that open doors to uncanny transformation. These same patterns, when honored, result in courage and an abundance of energy that brings rhythms of consistency and growth to your day to day interactions. The end result is a purposed life and one that allows you to take calculated risks yielding positive results for generations to come. This book is the dose of wisdom you never even knew you needed. Your next best life begins now.


Inspiration/Personal Growth

Step Up, Step Out, and Shine

Africa Miranda

After over a decade of building a multi-faceted career spanning television, film, stage, and digital and leveraging the power of social media to create a global brand and an engaged community of fans and followers, Digital Personality and Content Creator, Africa Miranda reveals her innermost thoughts on rejecting the status quo to discover the absolute best version of yourself. Step Up, Step Out, and Shine, her debut book, filled with witty anecdotes, life lessons and commentary on all things self-discovery is supercharged with positive energy, and revelations for transformative success. Unfiltered and honest, the truth according to Africa Miranda is the advice you never even knew that you needed to discover your best life yet.



By The Way

Elgin Charles

I have known Elgin for over 20 years and his talent, ingenuity and creativity is only surpassed by his heart and his faith. The “Emperor Of Hair” deserves all the accolades he’s receiving for this book! – Star Jones Attorney, Best Selling Author, Television Personality

Riveting and seamlessly authentic, By the Way chronicles the exploits of Elgin Charles, known to the world as “The Emperor of Hair.” Through an intricately aligned series of fiery confessions, readers bear witness to the coming of age tale of a young man in search of identity and divine purpose.

With exquisite lyricism, By the Way grants access to a world where the quest for love without limits and the ability to achieve access to the opulence that life has to offer is won.

A uniquely triumphant and candidly unnerving read that serves a completely raw depiction of a life lived fearlessly and out loud, despite the odds and the spiritual warfare raging within.



Rock and Soul

Thomas McClary

BRAVO! Rock and Soul is captivating and awe inspiring. – Ray Parker, Jr.

Riveting, rousing, and outright inspiring, Rock & Soul is an intimate portrait of the legendary Thomas McClary, founder of the world-renowned musical group The Commodores and creator of what many refer to as the signature sound.

The Civil Rights Movement provided the ultimate backdrop that thrusted McClary into an early life of activism and historical triumphs as the first black student to integrate Lake County Public Schools in his hometown of Eustis, Florida.  Reared with a tremendous work ethic, he arose from the concrete of societal imposed standards with fervor for life, family, and music.

The early days of leaving home to attend Tuskegee University to pursue education proved to be pivotal as McClary relentlessly laid the foundation to form a sound and a family of talent that the world had yet to witness.  Countless hours with his guitar, and blood, sweat, and tears became synonymous with crafting a sound that intricately fused rhythm and blues, funk and rock, pop and jazz, and moved audiences to undeniable emotion with a language that knew no barriers — music.  Signed to Motown, under the tutelage of musical mastermind Berry Gordy, and amidst the pleasures and perils of the entertainment industry, there were no records or rules that could not be broken.  In the midst of discovering divine purpose, McClary experienced an atmospheric shift that changed the trajectory of his commitment to community, music, and family, giving him a new perspective on life and the way in which it should be lived.

Poetic justice prevails in the fate of the fight for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  Rock & Soul redefines the notion of dreaming beyond your front door, to discover the deepest layers of yourself, and the need to walk in power, passion, and purpose.