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It is my belief that every face bears an untold story that the world deserves to hear.

Ardre Orie is a celebrity published ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director, and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. She wrote and published her first book at the age of ten and has had an affinity for stories ever since. Orie has written for a host of clients representing VH1, MTV, WETV, BRAVO, BET, CENTRIC, YouTube, the NFL, the NBA, Grammy Award-winning artists, the entertainment industries as well as a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes.

As the product of a single parent home and childhood survivor of domestic violence, Ardre recognized that there was great power in the transparency of her pain through storytelling. Her goal as a media maven is to create platforms and media that allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard and to create meaningful media that feeds our souls and sheds light on our experiences.

In 2015, Orie founded 13th & Joan Publishing House, a multimedia agency to provide a vehicle for aspiring authors, playwrights, and film directors to tell their stories and distribute them on a large scale with her support and guidance. In this capacity, Orie has coached hundreds of aspiring writers across the finish line to become published authors, and produced multiple titles per year with her own pen as a celebrity ghostwriter.

Prior to taking a leap of faith towards entrepreneurship, Ardre attended Florida State University where she earned both her undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Special Education. After teaching for 4 years, she went on to earn an Ed.S in Educational Leadership.

Orie continues to thrive as the “Queen of Storytelling” while creating a rich legacy of love.

Ardre Orie currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two daughters and a loving son in college.

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