There are many ways to get to the finish line in the process of completing your book, but the finish line is always sweeter with a coach cheering you on along the way. Although not everyone talks about the power of having a trusted professional to keep you on track towards your goals, they should be. We’ve taken the liberty to document the invaluable role that an author coach plays in transforming your blank pages into finished manuscripts.

What is an Author Coach?

At 13th & Joan Publishing House, an Author Coach is a trusted professional who serves as both confidant and accountability partner who guides you seamlessly through the writing and publishing process. We’ll remove the guesswork so that you can focus on preparing to share your story with the world.

Do I Need an Author Coach?

To reach your writing and publishing goals, you must align with the seasoned professionals who are equipped to lead you through the book publishing process, while empowering you to create an author’s platform to launch your book with success.  Whether you are a first time author in need of guidance, or a seasoned author with one or more books, looking to transform your book launch, branding or writing strategy, our team has carved out a blueprint for your success as a storyteller.

How Will An Author Coach Improve the Writing and Publishing Process for Me?

Not only will your assigned author coach assist you in defining your ideal reader, but they will also equip you with the tools necessary to understand the business of books. 

  • Establishing an outline and providing oversight for your book’s structure
  • Providing feedback on your writing style and areas for improvement
  • Crafting a customized publishing plan for your book
  • Consultations on making critical decisions regarding distribution options 

Every goal deserves a coach.  To learn about our Premiere Author Coaching service, schedule a complimentary consultation with our Author Care Specialist. As we always say…We’ve got stories to tell!