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We believe that the story inside of your soul must be set free. You deserve a team of skilled writers and publishing industry experts to make your dreams of becoming an author come true.

TV Personality and Host at FOX Sports, Netflix

Mike Hill

I was absolutely thrilled to partner with 13th and Joan for the release of my first book, Open Mike. It’s a raw and real look at my truth but it was something I felt needed to be told and shared. It was therapeutic for me and it’s my hope that my story will inspire and encourage others, with similar issues or struggles, to get the help they need as well.

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Allow our team to customize a plan to transform your blank pages into a published masterpiece.



With over 30 + years of writing, and stellar customer service and professionalism, our writings concierge service maintains that you don’t have to lift a finger to write your book.  Our team will do the heavy lifting to customize a book that matches your voice and vision as an author.

Author Coaching

Your personal author coach will inspire you to navigate the writing process from the inception of concept to the completed manuscript and publishing process, empowering you to achieve your writing goals and to transform your ideas into a published work of art.

Book Publishing

We recognize that your book is unique, and deserves to be treated as such. Allow us to design a plan that keeps your budget and book publishing goals in mind. With multi-tier editing, state of the art cover and interior design, and a dedicated project manager, your destiny as a published author awaits.

Publicity & Marketing

As an author, you and your story deserve to be unforgettable. Our literary marketing and publicity agency exists to elevate your brand and to empower you to carve out your niche in your industry. Place your name and your book in front of millions.

Cultural & Digital Influencer

Jayla Koriyan

Ardre is amazing! I met her through a mutual connection and instantly we connected. When working with someone it’s all about vibes and how that person makes you feel. Ardre may know more about me than a lot of other people but she was my right hand for my book and she still is. With that being said I had to feel comfortable and trust her with my story. We would have weekly sessions and sometimes it felt hard to talk about some topics but most of the time it was like girl talk. When I felt like I didn’t have anymore to say she pulled it out of me. Now that my book is complete I still work with Ardre for the branding and marketing of my book.

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Storytellers Inner Circle

The Storytellers Inner Circle is an exclusive Mastermind Tribe of writers, who collectively exchange ideas and information to tell compelling stories and cultivate powerful brands.

Publishing Concierge

Your publishing plan with 13th & Joan Publishing House is customized based on your needs, and will always include book cover design, editing, interior design and distribution to our network of retailers.


Our award-winning team of writers are equipped to transform your words into works of art. Your voice and your story matters. From customization of a writing plan to constructing a publishing and production plan.

Marketing Agency

Your book has the power to reach the masses with a skilled team of media and public relations specialists who know the literary world. Our team of former broadcast journalists and media industry insiders is unmatched.

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