You’ve Got What it Takes: 3 Considerations When Writing the Book of Your Dreams


For so long, you’ve dreamt of becoming an author. As you scroll through social media, it becomes apparent that writing a book is not only your next move but also your best move. And deep in your heart you know that reaching this goal would bring you a sense of satisfaction that not words can’t describe.
After acknowledging that writing a book is your desire, your mind begins to question how this dream could become a reality? You wonder how it all works and what steps can be taken to transform the thoughts in your head and heart into a book that you can hold in your hands, until you discover 13th & Joan.
If you’ve ever had one of our complimentary consultations, then you know that we work with new and aspiring authors to realize their goal of completing their books. For some, the awareness that a book is even possible is gratifying and for others, the level of curiosity deepens and moves them to action. The real truth is that not all aspiring authors will reach the finish line. There are some distinct differences between those who do and those who don’t.
What we know is that everyone has what it takes. The question then becomes: are you willing to give all that you have to reach your goal?
While pondering this question, checkout our 3 considerations when writing the book of your dreams:

Consideration #1: Writing is Key.
Your book cannot write itself. Getting your book written is not as hard as you think. There are a few options to explore:

A. Hire a ghostwriter. This is expensive but works extremely well for those who can afford this caliber of services. 13th & Joan has written several books for clients ranging from the entertainment industry to the sports industry and everyday heroes who didn’t possess the time to write or those who didn’t want to rely on their own writing skills.

B. Hire a writing coach.
We developed an innovative coaching program called Write Now! The program takes authors through a guided writing process that creates focus and structure and helps them to complete their first draft in just 90 days with only 30-45 minutes of writing each day. In addition to the writing, Write Now! assists authors in building their platform and strategies for overall success.

C. Breakout the laptop or pen and paper and dive in. You’d be surprised at what comes out if you simply take the time to remove the distractions and write.

Consideration #2: You Must be Willing to Invest in Yourself
Publishing a book is an investment. There are many alternatives to publishing companies but you also run the risk of having your book not be a good representation of you or your brand. Many publishing companies will allow you to publish whatever you desire but you must ask yourself if you want a polished finished product? People will judge your book and the quality of it. In the publishing industry, a book that is not well published sticks out like a sore thumb. If you are going to do it, you might as well do it correctly.
Thus, setting aside a budget to cover the cost of your book is key. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, you can’t expect others to invest in you.

Consideration #3: The Time is Now

The publishing industry is booming. Books are the new business card. While some are sleeping, scrolling on social media or watching tv, others are writing, aligning their budgets and working towards reaching the finish line by adding the title Author to their names.

The real truth is that we all have what it takes. The real question is: will you give all that you have to get what you want?

The only difference between those who cross the finish line and those who simply dream about it is action. Without action, there can be no results. October officially marks the last quarter in 2016. Do something that will make you proud. You deserve it. Remember, you’ve got what it takes.
Creating Words and Images to Change the World,

The 13th & Joan Team

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