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Do you ever wonder why some women give their all to a relationship without an official title? If so, T. Marie has a startling revelation: You can’t play the role of a wife in the absence of the ring.

As nationally-recognized Media Personality, Beauty/Lifestyle Expert and CEO of her own syndicated radio show, T. Marie has garnered the attention of many women with her catchphrase: No More Boyfriends. As love and fate would have it, the phrase morphed into an online community that shares tips for fearless dating and falling in love on your own terms. In her, candidly inspiring book, T. Marie exposes the lies and misconceptions that far too often hinder us from living in the abundance of self-love, lies that many of us have adopted as our truths when it comes to love and marriage. T. Marie proclaims that we deserve more!

Ironclad with candid and courageous humor, T. Marie uncrates the misconceptions of personal experiences that left her feeling unworthy of true love and reveals practical strategies to unravel the greatest love of all. No More Boyfriends if the “Girlfriend Talk” you never even knew that you needed.

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Media Maven. Influencer. Self-Love Advocate.

13th & Joan Author T. Marie

Nationally-recognized Media Personality and Beauty/Lifestyle Expert
Katrina T’Marie Curtis is Atlanta’s most notable beauty, news, and entertainment
personality. Carrying a degree in media broadcasting from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and a
certification in Cosmetology, T’Marie is known as Atlanta’s QUEEN OF TALK, using her down home
charm and tough life experiences to inform uplift and provide women with the skills they need to
achieve success and confidence the fit and FAB way!

T’Marie has produced shows for many major on-air talents and her voice has filled the airways of
networks like New Talk 1100 AM and You Stream Radio. Throughout her career, she’s hosted interviews with
the likes of Mona Scott Young, Rodney Perry, Kenny Lattimore, KeKe Wyatt, and Mimi Faust, to name a
few, but for the last two years, her love to inform and entertain has shown through on her nationally
syndicated radio show, “It’s T’Marie,” which currently broadcasts on IBNX Radio.

T’Marie’s passion for beauty and media started young. She grew up in the small town of Hickman,
Kentucky, with a yearning to entertain boiling in her blood. She quickly realized her energetic spirit and
fierce work ethic were destined for a bigger city, so she packed up her two-year-old daughter and took
her skills as a master stylist to Atlanta. After divorce stripped her mentally spirituality and financially.
With her strength and faith in God, she was able to transform her life experiences into teachable
moments for others and draw audiences far and wide.

After 18 years in the industry, T’Marie plans to maximize her ability to pour into others by using her
nonprofit Blessed Tresses, an organization that teaches women how to beautify from the inside out, also
by continuing to speak into others over the radio and in her newest role as a lifestyle expert. Her
ultimate goal is to equip people with the necessary skills to live a happy, fulfilling and FAB life.

I am writing this book because there are too many women who hold men accountable for their happiness in their relationships. Joy is an inside job and knowing what you deserve starts with knowing who you are. I want to empower women who may have given up on their dream to be a part of a fulfilling relationship and those who think that their options are limited due to society’s portrayal of relationships.  I women to understand that we have the power to create the lives and relationship that we want. No More Boyfriends will give them the tools to do it,” says Marie.



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