New York Times Bestselling Author Kailyn Lowry Releases New Book "A Letter of Love"

New York Times Bestselling Author Kailyn Lowry has her hands full with three boys to raise, a starring role on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 and a budding career that is taking off like wildfire. “I don’t think I realized how much my older two talk about farting and burping until I had my third boy,” she joked with E! News in late September. “Toilet seats are left up, toys are all over the place. Power Rangers I feel like are never going to leave my home.” ┬áBut Lowry wouldn’t have it any other way. “Isaac is very soft and just sensitive. He’s like my science kid. He loves science. Lincoln definitely has middle child syndrome. He’s crazy. He’s funny. And the baby, we’ll see how he differs between the two,” the MTV star said. “The best part is I feel like no child loves their mom like a boy loves their mom so I get three times that.”

As of 11|1, all Book Orders for A Letter of Love (SIGNED COPIES) Have Been Delivered to Author for Signature.

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