5 Reasons You Should Be Writing A Book Now!

Every new morning is filled with new possibilities. One of those possibilities that we should grab by the horns, is writing a book, and vowing to tell our stories. We deserve to be heard more now than ever.

Inevitably, the world is listening in ways that it never has, to the stories of everyday people. Gone are the days that a person desiring to share their journey, or perspective on life has to relentlessly search to find readers. Cues, social media. If you have a story and trust and believe that you do, then, that also means that there is someone, somewhere that wants to hear it. The bottom line is that we all need to know that we are not in this world alone. Discovering stories of those with similar experiences, or those who share similar views on life, is somewhat medicinal. It is healing to know that you share a commonality. Your book could be just the answer that you’ve been in search of, but wait, there’s more! Check out our top 5 reasons that you should be writing a book now:

1. Voice

You have something to say. We all do. With the massive amount of media that we consume on a daily basis, you have had more than enough time to formulate your opinions on a plethora of topics. Some of those opinions and thoughts maybe ones that you wish to share with the world. If you think that notion was made up, check your last social media posts. Chances are that by now, you’ve told the world where you stand on everything ranging from religion to politics, to Beyonce’s new twin babies. The cool part about what you have to say is that there is someone who either wants or needs to hear it. We are all experiencing life from different perspectives and those are the intricate details that help us to shed light on how to “do life” for others.

2. Credibility

Writing a book is like earning a Ph.D. in your subject of choice. It sets you apart from the crowd. It demonstrates that you are willing to go that extra mile to complete a task that many are not willing or able to do. In your book, the knowledge, wisdom or inspiration that you share shows that you have enough of it to create a book. In the eyes of your reader, there is likely more where that came from.

3. Legacy

Do you wish to depart this life with no tangible remnants that you were here? Who would want that? And since we all know that we won’t live forever, we might as well put some stock in being remembered. Your books will remain for the world to always have a piece of you. Consider all of the greats of art, music, science, sports, education and so many other industries, when they are no longer with us in the physical, we value their works even more. That is the true definition of legacy.

Two more for the road…

We could go on and on for days, but we’ll simply end this list with two more for the road. Check them out below:

4. Inspiration

If you lived to tell the story, then you should write about it. It’s that simple. The sheer act of revealing the layers that we are each made of is a beautiful thing. If you have overcome, you have a story that will inspire. It feels so good to know that simply sharing a piece yourself could mean the difference in the life of another.

5. Passive Income

Duh! This is one of the most obvious reasons. Many have no idea that the concept of “making money while you sleep” is a real thing. When your books are done, you just sit back and collect royalties monthly. Consider that any income above what you currently have is a bonus. Trust us when we say, had you known this before, you would have been writing so much more.

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Never stop believing in the impossible, the fairy tales and dreams of your heart do exist. Now, it’s time for you to tell your side of the story. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Creating Words and Images to Change the World,

The 13th & Joan Team



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